Here are the answers
to the most frequent questions.

If you don't find the answer to your question,
mail us !

Why verify
my email?

Your email address allows us to send you, every step of the way, a little picture of the place you have arrived to and an adventure that could actually happen there. We would exceptionnaly use it to contact you in any case of irregularity, your runnings not being correctly recorded, for instance. We guarantee that, at no time, your email address will be sold to a third party, or used for commercial purposes.

Why don’t I recieve
any email?

It is possible that our emails are being blocked by your anti-spam filter. Please check your spam folder and add our address to your safe sender list.

What is the
"adventure mode"?

Every time you make it to a new stage (every 10 km at the beginning), you’ll be able to discover the place you virtually arrived to through a little adventure. These stories are for the most part based on real facts, related to the location you’ll be visiting!
You can play up to 3 games per day, following the order of the route.
You will be receiving an email for each adventure you have yet to live.

We have allready written 728 adventures, the last available is at Viru in peru (for now 😉)

What are the
supported applications?

We support the following applications:

We are planning to work with the following applications: They don't want too work with us (anymore): We can't bind those services: See the dedicated topic.

Our interface is very reliable and many other aplication handle it's binding natively. If not the case, there are a lot of third party applications that allow binding between and other application (here are two) :

Why ask for
my application ID?

Some applications provide secure data exchange systems, but some others don’t. This is why we need to know your ID, to give us access to your running informations. We guarantee to never store your password in plain-text in our database. It will be encrypted in order to assure the highest security of your informations.
If you change your login and password in your running application, you shall change them on our website as well. You will only need to un-link and then link again your two accounts.

I’ve been running for years
where did all those kilometers go?

We take in count your activity from the day you suscribe to our website. If we are to add an application you used to use, we will try to re-calculate the distances covered, including your activity from the newly supported application, but only since your suscription date.

I use several applications
where are my kilometers?

You can link as many applications as availabe, however, we take in count one total of length covered per day and per application. Only the longest distance of the day will be added to your journal.

How can I find my login?

If you have created your account through another service (Facebook/Google...) and don’t know your login/password, here is how you can get them back. You will need your email and password in order to link your accounts.

You are using:

How do I synchronise my activities?

No action is needed, activities are automatically recorded several times a day from 8am to 11pm.
The system travels back in two days time to collect any night activity or un-synchronised data due to bad signal.
Any missing activity? Make sure it appears on your third-party account(RunKeeper, Withings, Google Fit...), Ans if it does, email us!

Sometimes, Android phones do not send your Google Fit activity on in that case, here is how you can force synchronisation Google Fit

What type of activity is recorded?

We only take into account all activity at an average running pace or under.
So no skating, cycling, unicorn riding...
We have opened for any bike lovers.

Garmin Connection?

It is technically impossible for us to work with Garmin, for reasons beyond our control.

We are not giving up on the idea of finding a solution, in the meantime we suggest the following alternatives:

Any moblie app?

Not yet... The Beautiful Walk wishes to be compatible with every great mobile app that provides exceptional services for free. So, choose your favourite among the list of already compatible apps , and here we go!

What is ‘karma’?

Throughout the main journey, The Beautiful Walk offers optional « adventures » to experience. They allow you to learn more about the place you are stopping off at by playing fictional adventures. It will often be asked of you to choose between doing a good or a bad action, which will impact either positively or negatively on your karma. This information is only a little overview of your fictional adventures and has nothing to do with your performances.

I am using Samsung Health / Apple Health,
Are you compatible?

These two platforms unfortunately offer no possibility to recover your data from their servers. You always have the option to manually report your daily data in one of our compatible applications. If you're on Android, the Google Fit app offers the same kind of service and is compatible with our site.

Which data are you storing ?

We only locally keep the distance, type, date and duration of your activities, as well as the informations you wish to share in your user profile.